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Web Design Rates & Guidelines









Your very own "Ad-Free" BUSINESS or PERSONAL WEBSITE
starter package = 1-page (up to 2 screens long)

APPROX. FEE SCHEDULE Basic Website Basic + Shopping Cart
One Time Up-Front Fee $390.00 $390 + $390 = $780.00
Hosting $10.00/month ($120.00/year) $20.00/month ($240.00/year)
Management Allowance
(15 minutes per months)
No Charge if within the 10-minute allowance monthly No Charge if within the 10-minute allowance monthly
NOTICE:  There are no monthly management or maintenance fees provided you do not exceed the 10-minute monthly allowance.  Should you exceed the monthly allowance:  Instead of a fixed monthly maintenance or maintenance fee, you only pay for the time you actually need on an hourly basis at rate indicated below (billed on a per incident basis).
Extra Management Rate
(Only if Required)
$60.00 per hour $60.00 per hour
Add a new Page** $120.00 per page** $240 per page**
Add a screen (partial page)* $80.00 per screen* $160 per screen*
Domain Name Registration and/or renewals, research, related domain management $20.00 per year as or if needed $20.00 per year as or if needed
Add a WordPress Blog $300.00 $300.00

 If you don't require Denrig to make changes or additions to your initial set-up site, then there would be no additional design fees or maintenance charges other than the initial set-up fee and the monthly hosting as tabulated above. 

Pay for only what you need when you need it.  Take your website as far as you like or just leave it alone.  It is your own site.  You can let Denrig make the changes, or Denrig can turn it all over to you and you can maintain it yourself. 


Denrig's Hosting Plan includes:

300 GB
Disk Space

3,000 GB/Mo. Data Transfer/Bandwidth

MS FrontPage 98/2000/2002 Extensions


MySQL Databases (5), phpMyAdmin

Flash, Shockwave, Midi, Multimedia Support

Unlimited E-Mail Forwarding/E-mail Aliases

Unlimited Mailboxes (POP3/IMAP & SMTP)

WebMail Access (secure login)

Ad-free site


Denrig Starter BUSINESS Package DETAILS

  • UP-FRONT FEE for Starter Business Package:  $350.00
  • HOSTING OF WEBSITE:  $5.00 per month fixed (Doesn't change... stays $5.00 no matter how many pages or photos you add provided you do not exceed the 300 GB of file storage space and 3,000 GB/month bandwidth).  So far, none of our customers have exceeded or came close to reaching their storage or bandwidth limit.  Ad-Free (this means you will NOT be required to display ads on your site).  Other hosting benefits include unlimited e-mail forwarding. Business or Personal websites are allowed but are strongly geared toward business use). You must read and abide by Denrig terms (same as Hypermart Terms of Service) , i.e. no porn, recipes for bombs, hate messages, etc.. Your email address and personal information must be provided to Denrig in order that we can create, upload your page or pages, correct, and manage your newly established website.
  • STARTER SIZE:  Up-Front fee includes your main index page or HOME PAGE (up to 2 viewable scrolling screens)  Additional content (photos, text, graphics, etc.) which causes scrolling beyond the included screens would result in additional charges (see "Add-Ons & Extras" below).
  • GRAPHIC THEME:  Includes a basic stock graphics theme or slightly modified customized simple graphic theme. The included basic stock graphics theme is called "basic drop shadow" and includes coordinated layered-look (shadows) background with matching horizontal divider bars also with drop shadows.  Other similar stock themes are also available to choose from.  Custom designed more elaborate/complicated graphic themes and custom logos are available for an additional charge.
  • HIT COUNTER: Includes a "hit counter" (for counting the number of visits to you site) on your first (index.html) page of your site.  Counter would look similar to this: Hit Counter (The same as shown at to bottom of this page). 
  • MAINTENANCE FEES: Usually NONE!  The "NEW SEPARATE PAGE" and "ADDITIONAL SCREEN" charges (described below) were devised to cover changes and website updates in the majority of cases.  These two fees usually cover any routine maintenance and minor changes required to your website.  This is not always the case... there are always exceptions (or abuse of a good thing):  Sometimes changes like swapping out (replacing) large amounts of photos with smaller photos, replacing loads (large amounts) of text with new text, and other changes do not result in new pages or new screens being added and therefore does not allow recouping for expense of the maintenance .  When you need moderate to extensive changes which do not result in additional pages or additional screens added to you site, then extra charges may apply to cover time spent making changes (see tabulated rate above). 


Website Add-Ons and Available Extras

  • New Separate Page (1 viewable screen) obtained by linking from an existing page of your website (recommended once a page has grown beyond 3 or 4 scroll-down viewing screens,  when content or subject matter changes, for effect, or for better organization/navigation ) - $100.00 each page

  • Additional Screen viewed by scrolling down the same page - $60.00 each screen.  For definition of "page" and "screen" see DEFINITIONS below.

  • Shopping Cart System "Add-On":  Add a standard FREE Mal's e-commerce shopping cart system to your Denrig designed website for an initial cart set-up fee of $350.00.  Over 84,000 websites are using Mal's e-commerce system.  The cart set-up fee covers adding of  "Buy Now" buttons to your product pages which allow your customers to shop and fill out an order while they browse your website. This cart set-up fee also includes configuring your cart for one of the many automated S&H options (percent of total order dollar amount, based on total weight, or based on user-defined rate table), sales tax, and automated check-out through PayPal's secure server (Note: customers do not have to sign up or be a member to pay you using a credit card).  See Walker Farms Honey website for an example of a Denrig designed website hosted by Denrig with FREE Shopping Cart hosted by Mal's e-commerce and set-up by Denrig.

  • Real-Time UPS or USPS for calculating your customer's total order freight based on the total weight of the order and based on your customer's zip code can be added to your Shopping Cart System for an additional $50.00 set-up fee.  You must provide shipping weights for all your items to use this.

  • Monthly Cart Fees:  Currently there are no monthly fees for the standard Mal's e-commerce shopping cart system once Denrig has set it up on your website.  However, the regular $7.00 per month hosting fees are still required and if setting up and maintaining your shopping cart system requires adding of new pages or extra viewing screens to your webpage, then regular page and screen add prices would still apply.  Mal's e-commerce does have a "premium" cart, if you find that the FREE cart doesn't have all the "premium" features you desire.  Of course "premium" means "NOT FREE".


You must provide the content for your website (i.e., rough draft copy of text and body portions via email or mailed on disks, CD, etc.).  Content (text) must be in a universal or compatible file formats (*.doc, *.txt, etc.) so Denrig can easily cut and pasted directly into your webpages without having to laboriously retype your information.  If you bring hard copy (typewritten , faxed, or otherwise) then it must be retyped by Denrig and extra charges may apply.   You should proof the work and take responsibility for the errors. Denrig will help as much as possible with getting it to say what you want and offer suggestions to make it work smoothly. Denrig will also explain the do's and don'ts of webpage creation should you insist on doing something that hogs too much space or slows your page down and frustrates the viewers. Remember your page is created for the viewer.

All prices are subject to availability. Items could change based on the web host provider and are not in Denrig's control. Denrig is a hosting reseller and the actual parent hosting company could shut down or loose your webpage due to no fault of Denrig; therefore, it is recommended that you keep back-ups of your website. Denrig will make an effort to keep websites backed-up on our system as a service for accounts that we maintain and service; however,  if you choose to experiment and make additions to your site, then we will no longer attempt to keep an up-to-date backup. In any case, we will not accept responsibility for loss of your information, profits, etc. due to any fault of our parent hosting company, Denrig, or others.

These prices are not for ownership of the theme, graphics, animated gifs, photos, etc. but are compensation for the labor and other expenses to incorporate them into your website. Denrig does not sell graphics, but only collects and assembles all the components to create your website. Graphics were made available to Denrig as being free to use and distribute for free.... the originator of the graphic still owns them. They are obtained freely and passed on in the same manner. Denrig does create their own photos and graphics and retain copyright privileges regarding our own original creations. You will not own the graphics; however, you can provide your own creations, graphics, photos, text that you are the originator thereof and may have a claim to the copyright of same.



*screen = the amount of a webpage you can see without scrolling based on the majority of body text being of a reasonable size (not smaller than 10 or 12 font size). About 24 to 34 lines of text per screen.

**page = a html document with its own name (name.html) which may contain many screens. Accessed by linking from one page to another, not by scrolling.

The following are websites designed by Old Man Riggs (Denrig, Inc.).  Note:  Walker Farms Honey website and Trespassers Paintball contain shopping cart system set-up by Denrig and hosted by Mal's e-commerce:

| Trespassers Paintball Store | Walker Farms Honey Store  |
| Janet & Cappuccino | Kelly Trant |
Dixie Structures & Maintenance, Inc. |
| Magnum Builders |
Harold P. Curtis Honey Co.
| Fab II, Inc. |
  | Grant Eyeglasses | Olga Baptist Church | Meet the Riggs Family |
| Jeanne Dozier Campaign |
 Discover the Store |


*All Prices, Plan Details, Services Provided, etc. are subject to change without notice and are based upon availability of hosting services from our hosting provider.  We are not responsible for errors of our own or errors as a result of our hosting provider for whom we are a reseller.


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