Florida State Beekeepers Association
87th Convention - Winter Haven, FL

"A Day in the Bee Yard"
Saturday, November 3, 2007

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This year's convention was a 3-day, multi-focus event (Nov. 1, 2, & 3); however this website is devoted only to the final day of this convention.  This was a first.  The first time that their annual meeting included an all-day program to rediscover the basics of beekeeping.

Those who attended the convention donned their protective gear and spent much time outside with various Apiary Inspectors, getting invaluable lessons in beekeeping basics and specifically, "Conducting a Proper Hive Inspection" (Parts I and II).  Many questions were asked and answered.  Problems were discussed with the experts present.

Also going on outside the meeting were demonstrations (Virtual Hive Extraction, etc.) and a few vendors with their wares and information.

The inside meeting was jam-packed with great speakers (Dr. Jamie Ellis,  Amanda Ellis, Jerry Hayes, Elmore Herman, Nancy Gentry, Dr. Malcolm Sanford, David Barnes, Laurence Cutts) covering many of the essentials of beekeeping (nucs, splits, disease, pests, bee anatomy, bee calendar management, organizing local associations, queen rearing, Africanized Bees in Florida, etc.).

The Boy Scouts of America put on a great tasting pulled-pork butt bar-b-q.  Many door prizes were won by those present.  Old Man Riggs and his wife cleaned up in this category by winning 2 Queen Bees, Hat/Veil Combo, and Bee Brush.  Thanks to all those that donated the door prizes!

It was a great time for newbies eager to learn the basics and fun for others to re-discover and reinforce the essentials of good beekeeping... a wonderful refresher!

Following the meeting many wore their bee gear and headed down to the theater to see the "Bee Movie" at a special price.

When going though the frames of bees in the first colony we discovered, not one queen, but 2 queens.  Both queens were laying eggs.  Apparently there was a Mother and a Daughter queen.

Can you find the Queen in each Photo below?

[ Click on images below to view Photo revealing location of the queen ]

[ Click on images above to view Photo revealing location of the queen ]

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