Old Man Riggs Honey, Alva, FL - Local Pure Natural Honey, Wildflower Original Banjo Minnows (Fishing Lures) and parts, corkscrews, o-rings, weedguards Buy your Everglades Seasoning and other spices from Old Man Riggs, Alva, FL Live Bee Removal Resue Relocation by Old Man Riggs including reverse Africanization of honey bees

Visit HoneyBeeMan (Old Man Riggs) Live Bee Removal Service
serving Southwest Florida (Alva, Lehigh, LaBelle, Immokalee, Fort Myers, North Fort Myers, and Cape Coral).

Note:  Alva Mall buildings were fabricated by Ron Walker of Country Woodworks.  Alva Mall  is not a physical building or even a piece of real property located in Alva, FL... but instead is only an online virtual mall... so don't get in your car and go looking for the mall, because you will not find it.   However, the merchants in the store are real and most have physical locations (buildings, property) elsewhere (LaBelle, Fort Myers, North Fort Myers, etc.).  You can find out more about the individual merchants and their real stores (businesses) by checking them out on the MERCHANT LISTING PAGE.


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